Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i will PENDEK...

I will wait for you no matter where you go
I will wait for you for however long
I will stay strong for that day I know
That someday soon will come along
That's when the waiting can be done
That's when the waiting will be done

Without you there is such an emptiness
That hasn't been filled in oh so very long
Only thoughts of what can be
Is enough to keep me hanging on
To the happiness that can come
To the happiness that will come

One day soon I will hold you in my arms
Everyday day without you will then fade away
And we will remember only this day
That was worth the price we had to pay
To find ourselves back in each others arms
And to have that, I will wait for you

p/s: i will waiting for you.....please wait for me too....

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